“Immediately I learned that playing a rhythm on the drum had a very settling and calming effect. It slowed me down, I became aware of my breath, and forgot the outside world. I felt my heartbeat, my body tingling and emotions rising….I was curious….and that was the beginning.” Earth Beat Drums




Using your inner guidance and creativity to make your own personal drum,

a sacred transformation tool, made in a traditional way using animal hide.

Have a drumming experience, join a drumming circle, make your own personal hoop drum and mallet, and/or host a workshop.

Kellie is creating and teaching how to make drums to small/large groups and individually.

Sizes of hoop drums include:

  • 14″, 16″ & 18″ hoop drums and mallets using various animal hides
  • small 5″ drum with mallet, good for young ones
  • decorative miniature 2″ (the right size to hang from car mirrors)



– Have Kellie make you a personal rattle