I have been drumming and making drums since 1998 and formed Earth Beat Drums in November 1999. My journey started when a Shaman handed me a drum and so having never drummed before, I say that “the drum found me”. This new sacred journey changed my view on everything and it very quickly became clear to me that I was to share this experience with others. Having no words to explain what I was experiencing at the time, I realized that the best way to communicate about the drum was to put it in someone’s hands and let them have their own experience. This is still the way that I like to share drumming, providing a hands on experience, creating a safe space for people to experience the primal vibration of the drum that has been known in all cultures around the world through all time. The drum brought to me a new understanding of how we can help ourselves heal.

Making drums is a passion of mine. I will create a drum with artwork on the hoop that creates the drums story unique for just that one person. I also teach drummaking workshops where individuals make their own drum. This two day experience of birthing your own drum is a very creative experience. The drum is completely assembled on the first day, mallets made the second day followed by a ceremony. Fun! 

The peace and calming of the vibration of the drum is what I want all people to experience. There are no boundaries when cultures come together and create music together, meditate together, pray together, for the highest good of all.

I travel with my my drums to schools, community organizations so far within Saskatchewan & Alberta. I am drawn to natural indigenous “of the earth” teachings.  I have an interest in all kinds of natural healing modalities and have studied many. I have knowledge of the medicine wheel teachings from the Lakota traditions. In June 2009, I experienced my first vision quest in sacred Blackfoot territory in Herschel, SK.  This was lead by Elder Art Kaiswatium from Piapot Reserve and it was the most amazing and humbling experience. Elder Bob Smoker, who gave me my Spirit name from the Midawin culture, was a Sun Dancer & Sweat Lodge Keeper of the Bear Clan. Currently Shaman Williak Santillan from Ecuador is teaching me about the connection of the Eagle and the Condor, the ancient teachings of the bringing together of the peoples from the North and the South, heart and mind.

 Drumming is for all people and all ages!

Walk peacefully on our Mother Earth, many blessings, Kellie