2019 Drummaking Workshops

I am currently setting up and looking forward to two workshops. One in Yorkton SK and the one in Toronto, ON. If anyone is interested in hosting a workshop please contact me!…I will travel!


The drum is a spiritual tool that can help to guide us on our journey; it is a primal way to connect with the heartbeat, the first sound we hear in our mothers womb and connects us with the universal heartbeat.

Maple or yellow cedar hoops are used and the diameter can be any one of the following: 14”, 16” ,18”.

The larger the drum hoop and the thicker the hide creates a lower tone while smaller hoops and thinner hide creates a higher tone.

Animal hide is a choice of Elk, Deer, or Buffalo and depends on availability.

Mallets are made from collected branches.

Leather and stuffing is supplied to create the tip of the mallet.

The drums are assembled while the hide is wet.

The Drummaking Days look like this:

Day 1 we meet in the morning at 9:30 a.m. and gather in circle to meet and drum with the drums I provide. Spiritual teachings and techniques of drummaking will be discussed, hoops chosen, and then we paint the hoops using our inner guidance as to colour choices, symbols, animal totems perhaps, and this creates the drums story. Some people choose not to apply paint but to simply apply the verethane which is a protective coating needed to keep water from penetrating the wood. Once the hoops are created then we break for lunch and that can be a choice of potluck or brown bag. In the afternoon we work with the hide, cutting and completely assembling the drums so they can dry overnight. This first day is a very full day and usually ends between 5 and 6 p.m.

Day 2 we again start the morning with setting intentions and drumming. We select our sticks and leather and create the mallets to use with the drums. Once the mallets are created we break for lunch. Typically the new drums are dry enough to play gently by the afternoon. We will oil the drums and have a drumming ceremony. This day usually ends at 2:00.

All supplies are provided. Cost depends on location and may vary depending on the number of participants. Each workshop is individually priced.

To create a drum is a very unique experience….your personal energy goes into it and it then takes on a life of its own….birthing a drum!

20160131_132838  20160131_114639

Drumming Circle Classes 


….to be announced….



                         SETTING  INTENTIONS



                                                 SHAMANIC  TEACHINGS



Drums are available OR bring your own

 Location: I have just moved to an acreage East of Wadena SK and getting set up here. Stay tuned!

DROP IN CLASSES typically $20